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The property of Weddings at Winzor  was purchased back in 1993.
These spectacular well groomed gardens once began with only olive and gums trees.
The owner over the last 26 years has transformed the garden into a piece of paradise.

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The business of Weddings at Winzor all started with friends and family visiting and saying ” what beautiful gardens you have you should consider opening them for weddings”, and so the exciting venture of Weddings at Winzor began.

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The garden offers you your piece of paradise for your special day.

It is a quiet and tranquil location and showcases a earned entrance to the beautiful large lawned area which then leads to the grand gazebo which is fitted with a ceiling fan and blinds if you choose to use them.
On the left side of the garden there is a path which leads to a wishing well, where you can make your wishes.
This is a great location for a photo opportunity.

On the right side of the garden there is a beautiful doved water fountain where you can sit surrounded by roses.  There is also a Horse Drey Cart nestled among the trees, perfect for a romantic photo shot.
The Gardens Of Weddings at Winzor Offers something quite unique.

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